Top Jewelry Selection Tips

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Jewelry has been worn for centuries as a means to make one’s fashion statement count. Choosing the right jewelry to match your outfit is as important as choosing your wardrobe. Everyday jewelry such as a simple necklace is easy to pick, but when it comes to wearing something more sophisticated, it can be difficult to decide which piece to wear. Some of the top jewelry selection tips include:


1. Consider your skin tone: Skin tone falls into two categories: cool and warm. Cool skin tones bear bluish colored veins and blend well with silver, platinum, white gold as well as pearls and diamond jewelry. Warm tones consist of greenish colored veins. They go well with metals such as brass, copper, gold and darker colours such as brown, orange and turquoise.

2. Proportionality to face shape and body frame: Jewelry improves the body’s proportion by making certain features appear larger or smaller. When your face is round, avoid heavy jewelry and stick to V-shaped necklaces so that your face will look oval. Oval face-shaped people should avoid long earrings as the face will look broader.

3. Understand when to go bold: Bold jewelry adds a pop of colour and texture to an outfit. Bold earrings are especially good if your outfit has a great neckline or if the fabric’s pattern stands out on its own. A bright outfit or one with an interesting neckline requires small earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

4. Accessorize with the outfit and occasion in mind: Choose all-round styles and colours that cover major occasions and daily activities. Neutral colours such as silver and gold can go with any outfit and are versatile enough to work with various fashion looks.

5. Pick the right quantity of jewelry: Some outfits require less jewelry such as a necklace or earring while others require a large ensemble. Ensure you pick the right quantity so that you do not choke the beauty of your outfit with unnecessary accessories.